Bing bong: new search engine comes a-knocking

June 6, 2009 · Posted in search engine optimisation  · Posted by IIA

No doubt many of you heard on Morning Ireland that Microsoft have a launched a new search engine called Bing. You may even have seen the chair of our Online Marketing Working Group talking about it on the RTÉ News. While Microsoft are touting it as a “decision engine” (as in “It’s time to Bing & Decide”) which will give you the right answer and not more confusion, others are wondering whether it will be a Google-killer.Whatever else their big bucks marketing and PR campaign which rarely goes unmentioned in posts and online articles seems to be working: if you’re on Morning Ireland, you’re mainstream! :)

Now while I’ve been fluting around with it and the other new kid on the block, Wolfram Alpha, only a tiny little bit I wonder how they will manage to break the ubiquity of the Big G. We’ve been busy here in the IIA over the last month with Congress and the Net Visionary Awards and when I did have the urge/ time/ need to search, trying out the search in a new engine was not top of my priorities. Add to this that Google is in my face every time I get a Google alert, check my mail or my feeds etc. etc. And I’ve got the Firefox toolbar and it’s my default search engine in my browser. It’s amazing I even heard about any new search engine!

In the article linked above about whether or not Bing will be a Google-killer, the author, Jordan Golson, makes the very valid point that it’s not neccessarily that there is anything wrong with any given search engine but that searchers do not know how to search to get the results they want or the right results. I can avow to this when I think of the numerous phone calls I receive in relation to certain member companies. I inwardly grimace when I hear some member companies running an ad campaign on the radio knowing that I will be fielding calls from their potential customers. Obviously the IIA does not want to be getting your calls; we do not want to be appearing in search results for our members’ products or services. So if on the one hand the searcher knew a little bit more about how to get the results they want and what to do with the results when they get them that would improve search on any engine. However I do think that Bing’s preview will hopefully steer people in the right direction and away from our phone!

These developments in search highlight the fact that now that consumers have a new improved way to reach your site it becomes ever more important to develop your site as a searchable site. Search algorithms are constantly developed to make them more and more “human like” so that the most popular content among real humans (you and me, like) is served first for certain keywords. That’s not necessarily the most often changed content: the algorithms have become far smarter than that.  How often do you change a blog post? An example? Do a search on Google for “dreech” Or ahem indeed bing it! I have never changed this content (I know what you’re thinking – maybe you should change it drastically and delete it!) but the IIA blog is still considered the most useful site for that keyword. This may be because anyone else writing about the word dreech doesn’t update their site all that regularly. But I’m no SEO expert so I would welcome any comments on the topic. I’m sure the boss will be delighted that we are coming up no. 1 for the word dreech…. :)

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3 Responses to “Bing bong: new search engine comes a-knocking”

  1. Popular Searches on July 9th, 2009 3:32 am

    There is so much information out there to bury anyone. I like Yahoo and Google, but they both have their flaws. Yahoo is too busy, but I like the one click to sports and news. Google is not really a homepage and I never use the tool bar, so it takes more of an effort to go to google to search. I need a search engine somewhere in the middle.

  2. Travel Blog on July 9th, 2009 3:36 am

    Bing is far better than what I expected from Microsoft, its search results are impressive and in some case like “Travel” better than Google even though its only 3 weeks old Search Engine and Microsoft will improve it in upcoming days with features like Twitter in results will only help Bing popularity grow.

    In 4 years first time I have read terms like Innovation with Microsoft. Bing is a challenge for Google who has being taking Search Market for granted and I think It will improve the search results quality further in upcoming months. Hats off for Microsoft they kept MSN alive they said time and time again that they will improve and they have done it.

  3. Jimmy on August 20th, 2009 12:22 pm

    General search engines are one way to go but I think that in the long term to see true relevancy in the results more of a vertical approach will be required. Google and MS could push this forwards with what they have now but over the long term I think that search engines specific to each industry need to push themselves. These engines will ensure that general terms are focused towards the appropriate area because that is the specialist area that the specific engine sits within.

    This is starting to happen in the b2b marketplace, keep an eye on it and see if it grows

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