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[guest blogging: Brian Greene] This year the IIA is 10 years old. I joined the IIA as a individual member in Nov 1997 after its May ‘97 start. I immediately became the IIA’s second sys admin to the old Sun Spark 10 in Pearse Street.

In those days the Board was a who’s who of Irish Internet founders, the day to day was run by denise and to put a time line on it this predated Lyn, Frank, Colm, Irene & Fergal.

A lot has happened over the years (and someone must write it all down). So take#1 of guest blogging. What I am going to discuss and I need your help on is, What have been the defining moments in the first 10 years of the IIA and the first 14 years of Irish Web/Net industry.

some I may explore.
Clinton Ahern Digital Signature Communique
Ireland On Line : Ireland Offline
WST goes Open
Global Crossing Landing
Indigo and all the ISPs
Boards agus Doras
The People that made it all happen
The unknown heroes of irish internet
so what else should I look at… use the comments box provided. podcast it: if you would like to be interviewed by telephone for this and future posts drop an email to brian AT doop dot ie with your details.


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